Sales Associate

  • CDI
  • Chine
  • Shanghai Maison, Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Kunming
  • Magasins-Vente
  • Débutants acceptés
  • Hermès China

Main responsibilities

Located in Shanghai Maison, Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Kunming • Join in the daily store operations 参与日常店铺运营 • Provides excellent customer service and maintains a pleasant shopping environment consistent with brand image 提供与品牌形象相匹配的优质的客户服务并保持舒适的购物环境 • Maintain current and potential customers to establish client relationship 维护现有及潜在消费者,建立良好的客户关系 • Keep customers informed on new products or services, changes, etc. 确保客人及时了解各项品牌信息包括新产品,服务或其它改变 • To handle client enquiries and concerns 处理顾客询问及疑问 • Executes sales plans and participates in marketing events and promotion programs 执行销售计划并能参与市场活动及促销计划 • Keeps records and reports on sales activities 记录并汇报销售数据 • Other duties as assigned 其它安排的工作职责


• At least 2 years of relevant experience in high-end fashion, luxury industry or in similar capacity 至少两年相关行业经验 • Passion in retail industry with good selling skills 对零售行业充满热情及良好的销售技巧 • Likes fashion and appreciates quality products 热爱时尚及高品质的产品 • Fluent in Mandarin. English and/or French is a plus 普通话流利,能说英语和/或法语者优先