Senior Customer Service Advisor

  • CDI
  • Chine
  • Shanghai
  • Assistanat & Administratif
  • Minimum 6 ans
  • Hermès China

Main responsibilities

<h3>Job Responsibilities:</h3> <ol> <li>Assist team in charge to update and improve the operation process regularly, in order to improve the quality of service and work efficiency.</li> <li>Responsible for overseeing the quality of service of operators, regular output of quality control reports, for quality control reports analysis, and put forward suggestions for improvement, to promote the implementation.</li> <li>To assist the project operation, to ensure customer satisfaction and quality of service standards.</li> <li>Responsible for overall function of call center (team of inbound and outbound function).</li> <li>Other work affairs assigned by the team in charge.</li> </ol>


<h3>Requirements & Capabilities:</h3> <ul> <li>Minimum of 6 years experience in Customer Service / airlines / hospitality industry, with more than 1 year of quality inspection/team leader work experience.</li> <li>Good sense of service and willing to accept the challenge and pressure</li> <li>Problem solving and multitask skills, willing to cooperate with other departments</li> <li>Good oral and written English.</li> <li>University graduate above, overseas experience is a plus.</li> </ul>