Department Manager (Maternity Cover) - Dublin, Brown Thomas

  • CDD
  • Irlande
  • London
  • Magasins-Vente
  • Minimum 3 ans
  • Hermès GB


<p>Hermès GB Limited is one of the many subsidiaries branching out from our Hermès International Headquarters in Paris. We operate with over 260 employees, from our Headquarters in London and across nine stores within our retail function in cities such as London, Dublin and Manchester.</p> <p>Hermès really is a truly wonderful place to work. Close relationships, humility and a thirst for team success make the company’s management style unique. Behind the drive for excellence is a spirit of goodwill in which personal achievement is for the benefit of the group’s progress, and where everyone shows commitment and passion, depth and lightness in all that they do.</p> <p>Learning and sharing, cultivating one’s curiosity and capacity to be amazed, innovating and never ceasing to push the boundaries of excellence are all crucial aspects of each individual’s development, and make up the company’s principle of continuous learning and passing down of knowledge.</p> <p>Our DNA is built up of People, Passion, Personality and of course, our wonderful Product.</p> <p>This is an exciting opportunity for any professional who is keen to be part of a close team within a dynamic and flourishing organisation.</p>

General Role

<p>Working with the Store Manager, to ensure the efficient and effective front of house functionality of the store within the company’s operating guidelines and standards and to deputise for the Store Manager in his/her absence.</p> <p>Ability and sensitivity to crossover with the operational aspects of the business, particularly in the absence of the other Department Managers.</p>

Main responsibilities

<p><strong>Managing the Team</strong></p> <ul> <li>Leading by example, give priority to the shop floor and ensure a warm atmosphere in which to welcome our customers.</li> <li>Provide direction, feedback and support to the team, allowing them to provide service standards of the highest quality.</li> <li>Undertake and monitor the progress of new staff members in the store ensuring that they receive a proper induction to the business. Likewise, any temporary staff should be supported when in store, so that they can provide the service levels in which our customers deserve.</li> <li>Ensure that the team is properly trained (particularly on in-store procedures, product knowledge, product handling and presentation techniques).</li> <li>Working together with the Store Manager and Administration Manager, insist that appropriate cover is always available on the shop floor (including holiday and peak trade periods)</li> </ul> <p><strong>Customer Relations Management</strong></p> <ul> <li>To support the business in developing new client relations.</li> <li>Working with the Store Manager to have a good understanding of the client database in the store, maintaining accurate client information and follow up on duplicates</li> <li>Support the team in delivering exceptional service to all our clients</li> <li>Provide direction to the team ensuring clients are looked after and encouraged to return.</li> <li>Liaising with the Press department when coordinating and assisting with Hermès events</li> <li>Liaising with the Client Experience Manager on all CRM developments and initiatives</li> <li>Manage/limit customer complaints in a timely and proactive manner.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Sales Development</strong></p> <ul> <li>Achieve targets in accordance with set objectives</li> <li>Show encouragement and support to the team members in the achievement of their objectives.</li> <li>Provide guidance and support on all sales tools and act as a reference for their usage (HPad –reservations, customer orders, pre-selling. Click in store, My Folio etc)</li> <li>Manage the flow of merchandise to the shop floor, working closely with the Stock Team.</li> <li>Maintain a constant knowledge of what stock is available in the store that it is properly stored and handled and bring stock issues to the attention of the Store Manager.</li> <li>Gain a good knowledge of the reporting available and know how to best use them to build action plans to improve the business.</li> <li>To deputise for the Manager in his/her absence.</li> <li>To undertake projects and responsibilities at the direction of the Manager.</li> <li>Produce, check and publish reports on the store and its performance according to set schedules or as requested.</li> <li>Ensure that Hermès standards are respected in the store and that VM guidelines are adhered.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Store Operations</strong></p> <ul> <li>Take on keyholding duties and be responsible for opening and closing of the store, where necessary.</li> <li>Be responsible for all areas of financial compliance, including banking and cashing up daily and reconciliation of the tills.</li> <li>Work with the Manager to ensure that the store and team are presented to Hermès standards and that the shop floor is free from obstruction or actual, or potential, hazards at all times.</li> <li>Undertake security activities within the company’s guidelines and to ensure, as far as practicable, that stock or other property is not put at unnecessary risk.</li> <li>Support the Store Manager and Stock Team during stocktakes and periodical cycle counts.</li> <li>Working with the Store Manager and back office team alleviate the administrative duties for the sales team, to focus their attention purely on clients or client associated matters (Smart Ops)</li> </ul>


<ul> <li>At least 3 years of proven management experience</li> <li>Ability to perform as second in command in a pacey store environment</li> <li>Organised, flexible and reliable</li> <li>Strong CRM focus</li> <li>Excellent communication skills</li> <li>Excellent management skills</li> <li>Good IT Skills: sales system, Microsoft Office, Windows etc</li> <li>Good team player with capacity to work autonomously</li> <li>Professional with ability to work efficiently and accurately under pressure</li> </ul>